Call for Abstract for UKC2013

Dear KSEA members and past UKC participants,

With a great pleasure, we would like to announce the "Call for Abstract" for the UKC2013, which will be held during August 7-10 at the Sheraton Meadowland, NJ, right across the Manhattan. We invited you to enjoy the conference and a variety of exciting events thatNew York City and the surroundings offer.

The UKC2013 will host many hidden jewels in the boundaries of various technical disciplines. The UKC2013 will host various Harmonious Interdisciplinary Symposiums and Technical Group Symposiums. Harmonious Symposiums include Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Medical Device, Advanced Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Advancement of KSTAR and Fusion Reactors, Semiconductor, Shale Gas/Oil Development of Unconventional Resources, STEM Education, and KWiSE. Technical Symposiums include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Food/Agriculture/Nutrition, Medical Science, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical/Aerospace/Naval Architecture Engineering, Material Science, Civil/Environmental/Architectural Engineering, Electrical/Electronics/Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Information Science, and Industrial Design/Consumer Science.

In addition the UKC2013 will enhance Industry and Entrepreneurship Track program to benefit the Technology-driven economy in both Korea and US, and promote seamless integration of Young Generation members into the core of KSEA and its activities.

Important Information:

• Download one-page abstract template:
• Submission Due date: April 30, 2013