Postdoc position

University of Pennsylvania
Job Description: 

We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to work on a DNA-directed nanoparticle self-assembly project led by a team of four researchers at the MRSEC at the University of Pennsylvania: John Crocker, So-Jung Park, Daeyeon Lee, and Talid Sinno. We would appreciate it if you could notify interested personnel in your group.

This experimenter position will be to apply DNA-directed interactions to nanoparticle layer-by-layer assembly with the goal of developing layered particle films having novel composition, structure, properties and functionality.

Highly motivated candidates from diverse backgrounds (Chemistry, Physics and Engineering) will be considered. Applicants are expected to have experience or familiarity with nanoparticle synthesis and biofunctionalization, and any additional skills in layer-by-layer deposition, thin film characterization, microlithography, or particle/DNA self-assembly will be a plus. The start date is flexible, but the position is available from Nov 1 2011.

Interested parties should send a CV to Daeyeon Lee: [email protected]